Maintenance and Monitoring

“The technical meaning of maintenance involves functional checks, servicing, repairing or replacing of necessary devices, equipment, machinery, building infrastructure, and supporting utilities in industrial, business, governmental, and residential installations.” Wikipedia

At Maximum Protection Services we are Remote Monitoring (Category 2) BS8418 & BS5979 approved for Intruder, Fire, Video Surveillance, Personal Attack and Lone Worker. Alarms are answered and actioned on average within 10 seconds of activation. We provide Incident reporting 24/7/365.

We don’t just offer this level of service to our own installations though. Over time systems can grow and evolve, integrating new and different technology in ways that the original project may never have considered at the planning stage. Maximum Protection Services boast a vastly experienced team with knowledge and expertise in all aspects of surveillance and security – even if the system wasn’t installed by us, or with our equipment, we can maintain and monitor it.

Maximum Protection Services offer maintenance solutions to pre-existing sites, as well as the opportunity to be linked to our state of the art Monitoring Station.

Contact us today to speak to one of our specialists and learn more regarding your Maintenance and Monitoring requirements.