Access Control

Our industry leading access control systems will help you to protect your assets and create a safe environment for employees and visitors.

There are two main types of Access Control – and at Maximum Protection Services we continue to set the standards in the security industry by being experts in all areas.

Firstly, there is Physical Access Control (see also Automated Gates and Barriers). These systems are familiar to everyone in some form or other – traditionally keys and locks would be an “access control system”, as only authorised users (those with a key) could be granted access to a property. However, mechanical locks cannot provide analytical information (i.e. times and dates of access) and keys can be easily duplicated, so more and more Electronic access control systems are being used.

A wide range of credentials can be programmed in to an Electronic system, allowing specific access to specific people – for example the hotel key-card that most people have used that will only work on a specific room number. Because these systems use computer networks, a database can be used to ensure access for certain people at certain times can be controlled with one system.

A Physical Access Control system can utilize several different items to control access to your site, and these can be integrated fully with your alarm and CCTV system.
The second type of access control is Logical. This limits access and connections to computer networks, data and systems files. At Maximum Protection Services we work with the very latest technology on the market to ensure that your system is as secure as possible. (see also Intrusion Detection)

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