Remote Monitoring

“An alarm monitoring centre or Central Monitoring Station (also known as “CMS”) is a company that provides services to monitor burglar, fire and residential alarm systems. … Not all alarm companies monitor the systems they install and may outsource these services to another company.” Wikipedia

At Maximum Protection Services we are proud of our status as a fully Independent business. This means that when we discuss your system requirements with you, design a specification, install and then support your system, we are not relying on distributors or third parties for us to go above and beyond your expectations.
The same can be said of our own, bespoke Central Monitoring Station. We will not out source your requirements to a third party, and we only monitor and support our own customers.

We are Remote Monitoring (Category 2) BS8418 & BS5979 approved for Intruder, Fire, Video Surveillance, Personal Attack and Lone Worker. Alarms are answered and actioned on average within 10 seconds of activation. We provide Incident reporting 24/7/365.

Maximum Protection Services carry out nightly checks and any sites found not to have armed their security systems are reported to the customer, and we will remotely arm the system ensuring the site is secure.

Maximum Protection Services DO NOT CHARGE for remote resets.

Contact us today to speak to one of our specialists and learn more regarding your Remote Monitoring requirements.