Temperature Screening Intercom

Face Recognition and Mask Detection

Our Contactless Access Control System is one of the most advanced, Smart IP door intercom devices on the market, designed with ‘hands-free’ contactless door entry and virus prevention for today’s ‘new normal’. Featuring face recognition access control and automatic temperature screening and mask detection, our Smart Access Control System helps businesses provide a healthy, secure and efficient work environment.

Safe access with Body Temperature Screening

Incorporates a built-in body temperature measurement function which will automatically screen all staff and visitors for a high temperature before being allowed access. High temperature is a key indicator of dangerous and contagious viruses and diseases such as Coronavirus.

One of the highest-level access controls available, featuring multi-layered authentification methods for ultimate security, flexibility and safety.

  • Body temperature and mask detection
  • RFID contactless via ID card or keyfob
  • NFC & Bluetooth contactless via smartphone
  • QR code and temporary pincode generation
  • IP65 rated for external applications
  • Secure Face Recognition
  • Cloud-based database and event log
  • Touchscreen digital keypad