Our Sectors


It is one of the world’s most important economic sectors by revenue and one of Maximum Protection Services Ltd highest activity areas by incident.

Key to our understanding of the industry is the long-term relationships we have formed with our numerous clients who are leaders in this industry. From Jaguar, Mercedes, BMW and other leading marks we have successfully secured Motor Dealership sites with a mix of electronic detection using our industries leading manufacturers, striving to maintain the relevant British Standards for security.


Commercial business security is paramount. Without it businesses throughout the UK would stall and become inefficient and expensive. Here at MPS we work closely with manufacturers; our customers; to achieve the highest level of security we can provide. To support 4k IP CCTV and Alarm monitoring we have a dedicated K9 service that responds immediately, indeed in Manchester we regularly achieve a twenty-minute response time in both alarms and distress calls.


With our fleet of vehicles that are full of IP and IT technology we can support the construction of a site from first dig to sign off when completed; with mobile security surveillance vehicles to K9 services; through to design of the building security whether its IP CCTV, Intruder Alarm Systems, Fire Alarms and IP Access Control. Maximum Protection Services Limited are ideally placed to support the Architect, Quantity Surveyor, electrical contractor and through to the building manager.


Many schools, colleges and Universities have latent analogue CCTV systems and through new IP technologies we can address all the new needs and requirements of a busy establishment or academy. Without the need for expensive re-cabling new IP cameras and intelligent recording platforms are now capable of intelligent surveillance to assist staff in student behaviour and react as appropriate.


Many events be they public or private always attract a risk; whether its perceived or not, in the present-day society vigilance is paramount. We can identify the risks and design a system that can be both reactive and effective without a high capital outlay. Through mobile and K9 products you can be assured of our best attention for any eventuality.


Design of security systems for the leisure industry is as important as with any industry. High value training equipment with a clientele requiring confidentiality we can design our systems to embrace all these factors and deliver security levels required by the industry.


Storage and movement of goods is a 21st Century phenomenon at the demise of the high street. Gargantua’s warehouses are a part of the UK landscape and security of these and the goods delivered are important factors that require high level security. Intelligent cameras with software to match delivers analytical imagery and interrogation of those events to help managers to deliver the high demands of timed and just in time deliveries. We listen to those needs and design and build systems of the future now.


High speed manufacturing of products in all business environments requires a high level of efficiency and skill. From minute car parts to food products both analytic and algorithmic IP camera software can interrogate a scene or view and deliver alarm events to assist the management in decisive decisions on production processes.

From mechanical parts falling into product to ingredient failure our systems cannot ‘bake the cake’ but can assist manufacturing teams to deliver high quality product.


The industry has long since battled against ‘shrinkage’ in the industry and in some parts of the industry there is a tolerance to it. Here at Maximum Protection Services Limited, theft is theft; it impacts on the sales value of the product as the retailer must recover the losses from somewhere. Again, intelligent IP CCTV can deliver high end surveillance to assist the retailer in the war against crime.


Working closely with leading players in the sector we have a strong understanding of the pressures of the industry in terms of bottom line margin through to delivery of the correct processes to satisfy the market.

Heat seeking cameras, temperature technologies and other hardware options are an integral part of the industry today. We will work closely with any utility provider to deliver bespoke systems unique to the client or site.


Partners with two of the largest wholesalers in the UK we support all aspects of their business through sophisticated security IP Intruder and CCTV integrated systems to K9 support and mobile surveillance vehicles that can be strategically placed to limit any perceived risk.

As the market grows we are well placed to provide unrivalled support in design, installation and monitoring.